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True Love

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

– George Bernard Shaw

I’m not even going to try and define “love” for you. What does a neuroendocrinologist know about love, for Pete’s sake?

Yet, every day, we are bombarded with marketing of processed foods that conflate and confuse “love” with food. Try and imagine a holiday that isn’t somehow associated with sugar-laden foods? The purpose of this page is to try and expose and tease apart (blow up?) some of the ridiculous messages we are exposed to that seem to want to convince us that love is best expressed with consuming sugary foods, processed food, junk food, etc.

Dr. Robert Lustig


Many companies and brands attempt to associate “LOVE” with the purchase of their products and the use of their services, hoping that customers will turn to them for as a way of expressing or feeling the love.  Cutting edge marketing concepts such as “neuromarketing” and “choice architecture” are being employed to manipulate you as a consumer, and there is even a company promising to funnel your dopamine right into addictive behavior patterns and company profit margins. Do you buy it?

Food they want you to love!

No End to Love (Not)

Healthcare industry is complicit.

Where is the love when you need a healthy snack in a hospital?

The pervasive presence of sugar in hospitals and other public spaces has been in headlines recently, as doctors on both sides of the Atlantic have protested that hospitals, which are ostensibly about health, should not become veritable “sugar shacks.”

It’s estimated that 20% of hospitals have fast food restaurants on the premises, with twice that number in teaching hospitals. Obviously, food must be available for patients, visitors and staff, but the amount of sugar-laden foods in most vending machines and cafeterias is staggering.

Nina Teicholz

Tobacco Playbook Included Marketing Love

“People don’t buy things for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.”

Zig Zigler

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