Sugar Project – Volunteers Needed

Sugar has 56 Names” only scratched the surface of all the other names which have been reported to me. By now I am aware of over 300 names. 

Please help me and an innovative start up called “perfact” collect basic data on added sugars so we can publish an updated “sugar matrix” in a collaborative open-knowledge format. If your contribution is helpful, you will be listed as a contributor.

If interested, simply email my Global Education Director, Wolfram Alderson ( and include “Sugar Project” in the message header. 

Dr. Kimber Stanhope and I having a little fun with the sugar matrix – a project designed to chart all the sugars in our food supply, showing their sources, processing, and effects. If interested in helping us with this project, we are accepting volunteers. 

If only “added sugars” could be so simple!

Sugar Project Details


The goal of the Sugar Project is to define what constitutes “added sugar” on a scientific basis. This entails defining what constitutes sugar first. For example, along the process from a corn grain via flour, starch, dextrin, maltodextrin, glucose syrup and high fructose corn syrup, where lies the border between sugar and non-sugar? Understanding the biochemistry of these sugars and their metabolic impacts is key.

This academically oriented project is independent and complementary to definitions put forward by regulatory bodies which are ultimately subject to political processes such as the FDA or FAO.


This project is carried out as a distributed, expert-supervised meta-study of saccharide research studies, and requires advanced academic skills. It entails the following steps:

  1. Contributors pick or are assigned a candidate substance (If there are more contributors than substances, substances are assigned to multiple contributors in parallel.)


  2. Contributors fill out and return a substance report form which has been approved by experts in the field. Contributors cite references that are as close to the original research as possible. The cited references are weighed by degree of confidence and evidence-base.


  3. Experts review the substance return forms and do one of the following:
    1. make a final decision on whether the substance constitutes sugar by the Sugar Project’s definition
    2. change the Sugar Project’s definition of what constitutes sugar
    3. revise the substance report form and initiate another round of data collection


Final and intermediate results are fully publicized with the names of all collaborators who made a contribution that become part of the final definition and sugar list.


Data integrity and accuracy is permanently maintained during and after publication. We are actively sharing data with partners, and have been supporting the Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation (EChO) Added Sugar Repository (Added Sugar List).