This Metabolic Syndrome Pathways poster is a culmination of a year’s worth of work. The poster, produced in concert with my colleague Dr. Alejandro Gugliucci at Touro University, and sponsored by Bio-Techne (a diagnostic biologics company), summarizes the current state-of-the-art knowledge about the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome.
You may click on the image to view and download a high resolution PDF, and have this printed at your printer (39 x 26 inches).
What we have learned is that:
  1. Each tissue has its own dysfunctional signaling cascade.
  2. The tissues that are in a portal configuration with the liver (pancreas, visceral fat, gut) are the most important.
  3. There are three different drivers of metabolic syndromes:
    1. obesity (subcutaneous fat)
    2. stress (visceral fat)
    3. diet (hepatic fat)

      All contribute to hepatic insulin resistance, which underpins metabolic syndrome, regardless of weight or BMI.

      That’s why it’s a SYNDROME. 

4) You can’t fix metabolic syndrome unless you target the tissue(s) that started it.

Feel free to share. The glossary and references will be posted on the Bio-Techne website.

Hope this helps you visualize the problem, and helps to effectuate solutions for your patients. 

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