Statin Nation

Statin Nation reveals the medical corruption that has led to the mass over-prescription of cholesterol medications (statins). The film explains how the facts about cholesterol and heart disease have, for decades, been distorted by pharmaceutical companies keen to increase their profits. Cholesterol-lowering has become a huge global industry, generating at least $29 billion each year.

Statin Nation II Features Dr. Lustig.

The HD download is normally $14.49 but followers of Dr. Lustig get it for $9.99. The DVD is usually 29.99 and Dr. Lustig followers get it for $21.99.  Just click on the links below the trailers!

Purchasing the film directly supports the production of other independent documentary films.

Statin Nation I

Here is the link for purchasing SN1 at the reduced price:

Statin Nation II

The discount link for Statin Nation II is:

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