Technology Solution

If you suffer from metabolic disorders, shopping can be a nightmare.

Most of the products in our food supply are laced with sugar and other “food-like substances” that predispose us to conditions like hypoglycemia or type 2 diabetes that push us further into chronic metabolic disease states and keep us on the terrifying “blood sugar roller coaster.” What if there was a way you could “filter” out the the most harmful foods – based upon criteria developed by the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation – instantly and effortlessly?

Surprise! An amazing technology solution by a new social enterprise start-up, currently in “stealth mode”, called “Perfact” is now available to the community following Dr. Robert Lustig on an exclusive basis – and it is 100% free.

A Recommendation Engine In essence, the perfact solution offers a patented recommendation engine that takes criteria combining any number of ingredients, nutrients, recommendations, or warnings from any number of sources and boils them down to a personalized yes/no instantly. If a product doesn’t match all criteria, the engine makes recommendations that do. The perfact “Criteria Store” makes picking criteria from experts, government and non-government organizations, publications, or any individual of trust as convenient as picking apps on the Apple AppStore. Like on the AppStore, all criteria, bundled into “filters”, are vetted for quality, have descriptions, and ratings.

Imagine, just flipping a switch and filtering out all pasta sauces ingredients that might exacerbate conditions like hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes, such as added sugar? Now imagine applying this filtering technology to any food substance? Check out the demo below…. see all pasta sauces represented by blue squares… filter is applied… and remaining (green squares) represent sauces remaining without questionable ingredients!