Letter to the Editor, Chicago Tribune 11/6/09
“The poisonous flavors of Chicago Public Schools”


Op-Ed, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/4/10
“Big food toying with the health of your kids”


Op-Ed, The Atlantic, 2/21/12
“The most unhappy of pleasures”

Op-Ed, Project Syndicate, 5/28/12
“The diet debacle”

Op-Ed, New York Daily News, 6/3/12
“Sugar is killing us”

Op-Ed, Huffington Post 12/27/12
“Bring back Home Economics…and this time for boys too!”

Op-Ed, Time.com 12/27/12
“What you need to know about sugar”


Op-Ed, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/6/13
“Defusing the healthcare timebomb”

Op-Ed, The Personal Journey, Jan 2013
“Diet, dogma, and disaster”

Op-Ed, CNN, 1/11/13
“Fast food sugar fiasco”

Op-Ed, Huffington Post 2/27/13
“Still believe ‘a calorie is a calorie’?”

Op-Ed, Huffington Post 6/5/13
“GRAS — Smoke it, don’t eat it”

Op-Ed, UK Guardian 10/22/13
“Fructose: the poison index”


Op-Ed, The Atlantic.com 1/2/14
“The sugar addiction taboo”

Op-Ed, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution 1/15/14
“What’s wrong with our food? Quantity or quality?”

Article, Leader’s Edge Magazine June, 2014
Toxic taste: Centuries ago, one third of Europe was wiped out by the Black Plague. Today, half of America will be wiped out by a new plague—chronic metabolic disease — and Obamacare doesn’t address it”  

Op-Ed, A Sweet Life June 2014
“View from the nutritional battlefield”

Op-Ed, Time.com 6/3/14
“How sugar went from a condiment to a diet staple”

Op-Ed, US News and World Report 6/11/14
“Double dipping to save our health care system”

Opinion, The Grocer, UK 7/5/14
“Sweet and sour manifesto” 

Op-Ed, Sacramento Bee 7/23/14 (with Michael Goran)
“Don’t believe industry-paid ‘experts’ on soda and diabetes”

Room for Debate, New York Times 11/10/14 (with Marsha Cohen)
“F.D.A. must define, and enforce, the term ‘natural’”

Article, Dear Doctor Magazine, Vol. 8, 3rd Quarter
“The bitter truth about sugar”


Blog, Health Trust of Santa Clara Country
“Sweet Revenge”

Contribution, The Habit of Passion: Borrowing Life Strategies from the World’s Most Wanted Leaders (Douglas Huh, ed.)
“The future never comes”

 Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times 3/20/15
“Sugar in food is poorly labeled, and the industry likes it that way”

Op-Ed, Contra Costa Times 3/28/15
Don’t be a casualty in the war of sweet subterfuge”

Op-Ed, The Conversation 10/27/15
“Sugar isn’t just empty, fattening calories – it’s making us sick”

Op-Ed, The Guardian 10/27/15
“The science is in: the case for a sugar tax is overwhelming”

Op-Ed, Washington Post 10/29/15
“Food companies should stop fighting the obvious: sugar is ruining our health”


Op-Ed, The Guardian 1/4/17
“Sugar is the ‘alcohol of the child’, yet we let it dominate the breakfast table”

Op-Ed, MedPage Today 2/17/17
“Friday feedback: the saturated fat debate continues”

Op-Ed, Sydney Morning Herald 4/22/17
“Dietary factions are hurting the fight against obesity”

Op-Ed, The Guardian 9/9/17
The pursuit of pleasure is a modern-day addiction                                              

Op-Ed, Quartz 9/12/17
Want to stop letting Silicon Valley control our lives? Refuse to buy the new iPhones”

Op-Ed, The Globe and Mail 10/15/17
Excess sugar is toxic and we’re addicted. Will a tax save us?


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