Chapter 8: Checkpoints Alpha, Bravo, Charlie: nutrient-sensing and chronic disease — References

Page 124

“Doesn’t every cell need oxygen”

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“99 percent of the bacteria in our intestine, called obligate anaerobes, don’t need oxygen”

J. Lloyd-Price et al. “The Healthy Human Microbiome,” Genome Med. 8  (2016): 51.

Page 129

“will keep mitochondria functioning optimally”

A. Woods et al. “Liver-Specific Activation of AMPK Prevents Steatosis on a High-Fructose Diet,” Cell Rep. 18 (13) (2017): 3043.


“and improve insulin sensitivity”

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“Sugar, of course”

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“Sugar, of course”

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“That’s the job of the third checkpoint called mTOR”

R.A. Saxton and D.M. Sabatini. “mTOR Signaling in Growth, Metabolism, and Disease,” Cell 168  (2017): 960.


“but all three at once because it alters the growth phase of the cell”

J.B. Mannick et al. “mTOR Inhibition Improves Immune Function in the Elderly,” Science Transl. Med. 6  (2014): 268ra179.


“key link between what’s in the cell versus what happens to the cell”

M. Perluigi et al. “mTOR Signaling in Aging and Neurodegeneration: At the Crossroad between Metabolism Dysfunction and Impairment of Autophagy,” Neurobiol. Dis. 84  (2015): 39.


“mTOR is the “holy grail” of cell fate”

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“target of most current longevity drugs”

T. Weichhart. “mTOR as Regulator of Lifespan, Aging, and Cellular Senescence: A Mini-Review,” Gerontology 64 (2) (2018): 127.


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