Sybille’s Story

This testimony is about my child and his medical condition and how diet changed our life.

Dietary change and a modified diet is the source of my child’s wonderful health.

Before being diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, my child suffered from respiratory distress, acid reflux, pneumonia poor muscle tone and later developed seizures.

I started to modify his diet when he was a toddler by removing simple carbohydrates and raising his fat intake. This change of macro-nutrient ratios combined with nutritious and high calorie foods, like eggs, olive oil, coconut oil and butter improved his vitality immensely.

At the age of 8 years old we started a Low-Glycemic-Index Treatment (LGIT) and we were able to stop seizure medication and see him transform from a young boy with autistic traits to a healthy, social, and strong 15-year-old teenager—with no more respiratory diseases and with good level of physical energy.

Food is crucial for a healthy metabolism to develop and work properly, so imagine the negative impact of an inappropriate diet burdened with industrial highly-processed food on a chronically sick and vulnerable child’s body!

The toxicity of empty calories deficient of essential nutrients in the food offered to our children is the perfect recipe for a global human disaster.

Special needs population of any age should be receiving the most complete and natural diet. The right to be healthy and pain free is human right and can only be obtained with quality food.

When Dr. Lustig’s “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” YouTube lecture came out it was the beginning for me and my family of the proof of the coming food revolution.

I grew up in France and my mother used to tell me that sugar was poison…

With Sugar: The Bitter Truth, I was finally able to share a science-based perspective with family members, friends and even doctors to explain the impact of sugar on the metabolic system so they could understand how a high carbohydrate diet could trigger seizures and other serious side effects on a child like my son.

I also really enjoyed the fact that Dr. Lustig was at the 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium to listen to one of my son’s neurologists Dr. Elizabeth Thiele and he asked, as usual, the perfect question about LGIT and insulin suppression, curious if it could be the key to control the seizures.

It is crucial for neurologists to finally team up with endocrinologists – after all, hormones are some of the most powerful active chemical components in our body, and if they are out of control, the damage can be devastating from a neurological aspect.

It is a lonely world when you battle the medical community and you try to share the power of nutrition and MDs laugh at you (in the best case) or you feel threatened for being a bad mom for not giving your kid the free soda given in the epilepsy neurological department (story for later!).

Anyway, Dr. Lustig brought the concept of carbohydrates and sugar into focus within the dysfunctional occidental diet and it has been my quest for the last 10 years to learn more about how diet should be the first line of treatment.


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