Most everyone thinks obesity is about calories, known as the Energy Balance Model (EBM).
But that doesn’t explain why certain foods cause more obesity, it doesn’t take the role of the microbiome into account, and it doesn’t explain why certain chemicals cause obesity.
Others think that refined carbohydrate spikes insulin which drives obesity, known as the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model (CIM). But that doesn’t explain why babies are now obese, and what’s going on with epigenetics and transgenerational inheritance.
There are two other models. The REDOX Model looks at biochemical changes within cells that lead to phosphorylation of kinases (specific energy dependent enzymes that control adiposity, insulin release, and food intake). And the Obesogen Model (OBS) looks at chemicals that drive adiposity by acting as endocrine disruptors unrelated to calories, like DDT, BPA, PFAS, flame retardants, and air pollution.
This paper, co-authored by Jerry Heindel (former program director NIH), Barbara Corkey (Boston U., Banting Award winner from ADA), Sarah Howard (director of Healthy Environment and Endocrine Disruptor Strategies (HEEDS)), and myself, folds all these models into one comprehensive model of obesity that explains all of the models, and all of the exceptions.
  1. Obesity is biochemistry.
  2. The behavior is a result of the biochemistry.
  3. Bad diets cause obesity through REDOX generation.
  4. Prevention is the only solution.
Read this, and understand!
Obesity is NOT YOUR FAULT.
And we need government to help clean up the toxic mess we’ve made of our planet and our food.

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